Bookkeeping Packages for Small Businesses


Spending too much time on Bookkeeping?

At WKB we recognize our clients are already managing their business and personal lives. Business owners often do not have the time to prepare monthly bank reconciliations or prepare financial statements for their accountants at year-end. Our solution, let WKB do the work for you.

The value of accurate bookkeeping is great, the value of having clean, up to date books is enormous. Clients with accurate, up to date books can pull financial reports for management decisions or loan applications within minutes. WKB offers both cloud- based, and non-cloud based bookkeeping services. Our services are designed to maintain clean accurate books while simultaneously making life easier for the client.

Typically, the process is as simple as inviting WKB to be your accountant (for cloud-based options) and sending us your bank statements and credit card statements. Once this is complete the bookkeeping efforts are as simple as forwarding monthly statements and answering and occasional questions when our team does not recognize (or needs more information regarding) a transaction.

We also have discounted packages that include personal and or business tax preparation as well as bookkeeping.

Additionally, we offer full- service packages which include bookkeeping, tax preparation, SBA loan applications/ loan assistance, sales tax filings and more.

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