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Business taxes are complicated and can have a great impact on your individual tax liability. At WKB we believe clients are looking for competent tax professionals who can prepare tax returns and assist clients in creating strategies to minimize taxes, organize finances and ensure compliance with state and federal rules and requirements. Our experts are available seven days a week to assist our clients with a wide variety of services and to problem solve in real-time.


Preparing Business Taxes without an expert is burdensome and can put you and your company at risk for missed deductions and credits and well as various penalties. WKB Accounting LLC provides various services designed to increase your financial productivity, minimize your tax liability, and maximize your peace of mind. We have a breadth of experience in tax preparation, bookkeeping, consulting, legal support, and loan support.

WKB Accounting LLC offers small business owners tax preparation and a wide array of professional services including:

  • Tax preparation for Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships.
  • Sales Tax Filing.
  • Tax authority correspondence and dispute resolution.
  • Entity formation and consultation in the tax advantages of different types of entities.
  • EIN Registration.
  • Bank account set-up.
  • SBA loan applications (EIDL, PPP, PPP forgiveness).
  • Full-service bookkeeping.
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Financial Statements (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows)


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How We Work

We review your previous financial statements and tax returns to minimize tax liabilities and maximum returns. Our knowledgeable staff also guides you to organize your finances, making running your business smoother and tax reporting more efficient.

WKB Accounting LLC

Services Offered

WKB Accounting LLC offers small business owners tax preparation and a wide array of professional services.

  • Corporate, partnership, and individual tax return filing
  • Full-service bookkeeping
  • Tax authority correspondence and dispute resolution
  • Entity formation and consultation the tax advantages of different types of entities (LLC, corps, sole proprietorships)
  • Bank account set-up
  • EIN registration
  • Full-service bookkeeping
  • Sales tax filing
  • Financial statements (profit and loss, balance sheet, statement of cash flows)
  • Budgeting and variance analysis